Cooking workshop with Chef Maria and her team

In the workshop we will spend an amazing time where you will roll up your sleeves, put on an apron and unleash the Chef inside you! 

I am María, executive chef and founder of Caffé Lunático, a renowned restaurant in the coolest neighbourhood of Cartagena, Getsemaní!

I have studied and developed my career in Spain. I have worked in several Michelin Star Restaurants in the Basque Country and Catalonia. Since my Grandma was Spanish my experience in that country made me recognize aromas and flavours which reminded me of my Grandma’s kitchen 🙂 .

After 10 years I decided to come back to Colombia and opened Caffé Lunático with the intention to mix flavours from both cuisines, Colombian and Spanish.

Now, I have embarked in a new adventure where myself, along with other chefs, deliver a variety of cooking workshops.


Our Classes

Cartagena Cuisine Cooking Experience

All week, except Sunday

10.30 am to 1.30 pm

USD 70.-

In the workshop we will spend an amazing time where you will roll up your sleeves, put on an apron and unleash the Chef inside you! The menus will vary depending on the time and day of the week:

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays you will cook:
Seabass Ceviche with banana emulsion and lemon grass;
Mote de queso (White soup made of yam and local cheese);
Posta negra cartagenera (Black Topside beef), accompanied with coconut rice, plantains in temptation sauce and avocado ají;
Tree tomato in syrup.

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays you will cook:
Shrimp and copey snails’ cocktail;
Crab and cheese carimañola;
Red snapper in coconut sauce, accompanied with coconut rice and patacones;
Enyucado (Cassava and coconut cake).

Our Classes

Ceviches, part of the culinary culture of Cartagena

All week, except Sunday

5 pm to 7.30 pm

USD 70.-

During the workshop you will learn some cooking tips that will impress friends and family. At the end, we will sit down together, have a glass of wine/beer and enjoy our delicious food together!

You will prepare:
-Seabass ceviche with banana emulsion and lemongrass.
-Shrimps and snails cocktail.
-Ceviche of fresh coconut, mango and flowers.
-Crunchy calamari and green mango ceviche with corozo fruit and hibiscus.

Mercado de Bazurto
Mercado de Bazurto

Optional: visit the vibrant Mercado de Bazurto.

At the market, explore the maze strolling around the different stands trying different fruits and drinks.

You will learn about the variety of exotic fruits and spices, as well as the important role they play in Caribbean cooking. Also understand the importance of selecting first class ingredients and basically be transformed into a cartagenero, choosing and bargaining like one, asking for the ñapa (the extra bit).

Finally, when we finish the tour, we will take our mercado to the kitchen.

Then, back in the cooking studio, the Cartagena Cuisine Cooking Experience will start.

The studio

Located at Caffé Lunático Cooking Studio with amazing view of the San Felipe’s Castle you’ll also have to possibility to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner at the restaurant.

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