Rum & Chocolate Tasting with Rummelier® Renato Molo

Located at the amazing Cooking Studio of Caffé Lunático , this experience will guide you through the differents rums and chocolates produced in Colombia.

Colombian Rum and Chocolate

Meet our Host

My name is Renato Molo and I was born in the italian speaking part of Switzerland. I studied at the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne of Lausanne and I always had a great passion about spirits. I worked in different luxury restaurants and hotels where I had the opportunity to learn about all sort of drinks including wines, beers and spirits. I decided to focus on rum here in Cartagena because I strongly believe that the country offers one of the best varieties in the world and that every connaisseur, passionate or just a simple lover should taste it.

I am member of Royal Rum Society™ and certified Rummelier®

The Colombian Rum

Do you know that Colombia produces delicious and internationally awarded rum? And that some of them are not even produced for the local market and are exclusively distilled for other countries?

If you want to learn more about the history and the legend about some Colombian rums this experience is for you.


What you'll do

We will start with a short story about rum, the sugar cane, the cacao and how this plants ended up in the Americas. I will guide you through sever Colombian and Cartagena’s rums combining them with different local chocolates. You will also learn a bit more about this delicious fruit called cacao.
At the end you will prepare a rum-based cocktail which you can enjoy at the studio or at the stunning terrace of our Caffé Lunático.
All this with the spectacular view of San Felipe’s castle and la Popa.
Available in French, German, Italian, Spanish and English

The studio

Located at Caffé Lunático Cooking Studio with amazing view of the San Felipe’s Castle you’ll also have to possibility to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner at the restaurant.

International premium rum tasting

Only on request

This is a special class for real Rum passionates: you will taste different rums made in the Caribbean but also other countries which aren’t’ (still) known as quality rum producers.

Please bear in mind that this is a special experience and you’ll taste only rums of my private collection.

I will guide you through 5 different international premium rums, pairing it with Colombian chocolate and learn how to make a special sugarcane distilled based cocktail at the end.

USD 100.-

More information please contact 

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